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Pack 3G GSM monitoring camera + Remote control Power Socket

Wireless security camera + connected remote socket

- Wireless HD GSM 3G Wifi camera

- With remote control Power Socket

- High speed SMS, MMS alert

- Wifi / 3G / UMTS / HSPDA technology

- Control your electrical equipments


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Caméra de surveillance HD Wifi 3G 2G sans fil avec prise télécommandée Power Socket

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  • Caméra de surveillance HD Wifi 3G 2G sans fil avec prise télécommandée Power Socket
  • HD Wifi 3G GSM wireless monitoring camera - 3G motion detection alert
  • Wireless HD Wif GSM 3G camera - High speed SMS, MMS alert
  • Wireless door sensor (433.92Mhz) for Camera GSM 3G Wifi
  • Remote control 433.92 Mhz for security camera Wifi GSM 3G
  • Wireless remote control Power Socket
  • Connected remote controlled Power Socket
  • 3G wifi Security camera - MMS, SMS, email sending
  • Surveillance GSM HD monitoring camera 3G Wifi technology
  • GSM 3G wifi wireless monitoring camera with motion PIR sensor
  • App to manage the 3G wifi security camera HD
  • Application to remotly control the surveillance 3G wifi HD camera
  • Application to control the 3G security HD camera from your mobile
  • Mobile Application for 3G wifi HD Wireless camera

Caractéristiques détaillées

Pack Monitoring security GSM camera HD 3G wireless with Remote control Power Socket


Monitoring security GSM camera HD Wifi 3G wireless

The GSM HD 3G / Wifi wireless monitoring camera allows you to keep an eye on your belongings night and day.

Equipped with a motion detector and an night vision, you guard everything remotely from your iPhone, your Android smartphone or any other mobile phone.

When the security camera detects motion, it takes 1 to 5 HD pictures within one second and send them by email via Wifi or by 2G or 3G via MMS directly on your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet .

Completely autonomous, this monitoring camera operates in Wifi or in 2G, 3G, HSDPA and WCDMA network to ensure high speed data traffic.

Discreet and silent, you can install it inside as outside, at home or in your house, in a warehouse or office.

In case of intrusion or identified event, the monitoring GSM HD camera alerts you instantly via email and/or SMS and/or MMS messages directly on your mobile phone and allows to view live and at distance the captured images.

You control and configure the wireless camera through SMS commands from your cellphone or by using the app downloadable from the App Store for Apple iPhone iOS or from Google Play Store for Android OS smartphones.

You can also set up the monitoring camera to decide your recipient alerts.

The camera connects in Wifi when Wifi network is available and automatically switch to the 2G or 3G network if Wifi becomes inaccessible.

Conversely camera reconnects to Wifi network if 2G or 3G network becomes unavailable.

If you do not have Wifi, the camera connects by default to 2G or 3G network.

Moreover, the provided remote control allows the manual operations (ON / OFF) and has a panic button - emergency alert. Once activated the button "Emergency Alert", the monitoring camera HD 3G / Wifi will send a warning message on the mobile phones of preconfigured people (Assistant Professor, Family Guest).

The camera can be installed at any place you wanted without distance limitation.


Remote control Power Socket

Power socket is a wireless remote controlled socket which gives you the power to turn ON and OFF appliances using your mobile phone.

Paired with the wireless Wifi 3G HD GSM monitoring camera, it allows you to remotely control at anytime and anywhere all electrical appliances from your mobile phone.

You simply place the Power Socket between the power plug and the appliance (heater, air conditioning , Jacuzzi , lights , computer , server ... ) you want to control from your mobile and turn ON or OFF by sending text message SMS.

You can also manually activate your appliance by pressing the "M" button on the Power Socket.

This smart remote Power Socket can be set working under a schedule to control the electrical appliances power on/off automatically at everyday or any weekdays.

With extended-connected temperature sensor, Power Socket can turn ON or OFF the power supply output according to the environment temperature.

It's available for power control of the heating or refrigeration plant, to keep the environmental temperature within presetting range or at a fixed temperature value.

You can remotely control it and regulate a house or a cottage’s temperature (heating or cooling).

Furthermore, the wireless Power Socket can send out SMS alarm message when it detects fast-changing or when it reaches of pre-set value of surroundings temperature.


More details for the Monitoring security GSM camera HD Wifi 3G wireless

More details for the Remote control Power Socket





Monitoring security GSM camera HD Wifi 3G wireless

Wifi 3G High Speed data traffic.

MMS warning on your cell phone.

Motion detection alert by MMS, SMS and email.

Audio calling to listen sound of your secured place.

Integrated security alarm PIR detection technology.

24 hours a day service accessible worldwide from your smartphone.

Easy installation.


Remote control Power Socket

Remotely operate ON/OFF by SMS commands.

Auto operates by preset schedule.

Auto-operates according to temperature.

Send environmental temperature SMS to mobile phone.

Temperature SMS alarm message.



Technical specifications


See the technical specifications of the Monitoring security GSM camera HD Wifi 3G wireless

See the technical specifications of the Remote control Power Socket





1 x Wireless Wifi 3G HD GSM camera

1 x Remote control

1 x Door window magnetic sensor (433.92MHz)

1 x Remote control Power Socket

2 x Temperature Sensors (-10° to 50° degrees)

1 x Antenna

1 x Rotating mounting metal support

1 x Power supply socket

2 x English manuals





Operates worldwide via Wifi 3G 2G networks (Quad bands: GSM EDGE 3G WCDMA (850/950/1800/1900/2100MHz)

The security camera supports all 3G / 2G SIM and USIM cards (prepaid & subscription) from all mobile phone operators

The remote control Power Socket supports the electrical appliances which maximum power consumption is 3600W

Compatible with all iPhone, Android smartphones and 2G / 3G / 4G mobile phones able to receive images via MMS.

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